Objects from the past have always held an interest for me, from individual pieces to technique. Nostalgia is one of my core stimulation's, my muse. The attention and care of traditional craftsmanship drives my practices as a contemporary jeweller.

Having studied jewellery and object design, I gained the ability to apply mordern practices to my exploration of these artifacts.
This attraction to history and textures has seen the incorporation of vintage fabrics, haberdashery, lace and doilies into my design practices. To recreate the essential meaning of these materials, I predominately work in sterling silver. Both the colour and finish of this metal have provided the perfect aesthetic for the feeling I try to communicate with my pieces, which is fragility.
I started to go a bit further in my explorations into the world of vintage and through my research I discovered the plastic doily, these were a modernized version of a traditional craft (crochet) made in the 60's during the plastic revolution.They're doilies but re contextualized beyond the handmade. 

I was so drawn to the form of the doily. These plasticized versions lead me to think about other ways to re appropriate the iconic doily hence the 'Tea Time' collection.

Classic yet contemporary in style, my work tells a story by tracing a line between the past and the present, manipulating and redefining the emotional response the illicit from the wearer.