Friday, March 11

Green Thumb

I was feeling a bit green so i decided to try my luck with a little home grown herb garden!

You will need:

x1 bag of potting mix
x1 wooden box or other pot/planter box of some sort
garden tools suck as small shovel and fork
3-4 potted herbs

Pop some holes in the bottom of the box if it doesn't already have them, then simply pour the potting mix into the box until it is almost full.

Make wells in the soil, remove the herbs from the pots and place in the holes, add a tad more potting mix and press the soil until it is firm and the plants are sitting upright.

And there you have a cute little herb garden, I used these lovely little garden labels from
Little Jane Street!

I've also got my eye on these fabulous pear garden stakes by Candy Stripe Cloud

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