Sunday, March 20

Greenhouse By Joost

I had the pleasure of visiting the beautiful Greenhouse by Joost at Corner Cove in Circular Quay the views are incredible and the drinks and food were very tasty! Its a no waste restaurant/bar and is made entirely by recycled materials. If you haven't visited already you must try and go before it goes!


  1. Hi!
    I was wondering since you have experienced the greenhouse by joost, if you could help me. Im a student at the University of Western Sydney and as part of my advertising unit, I need to interview people who have been to the greenhouse as I am doing an advertising project about them. These would be just a few questions that you could answer via email and any help would be greatly appreciated!
    Im terribly sorry if this all sounds very random, but I am having such a difficult time trying to find people who have been and have had to turn to other sources. Again Sorry for being intrusive.

  2. I'd be happy to help, you can email me from contact link above!